Thursday, February 22, 2007

Getting an Agent

I started writing, agent-less, for several months. I developed a dry, philosophical outline of 10 chapters--all clear, logical (and utterly pedantic) explaining women’s uniqueness.

Less than six months later my husband, Dale, was asked to sign a contract with a literary agency. I acquired the same privilege by riding the coat tails of their interest in Dale. He told them, "I will sign, as long as my wife can sign, too."

We were offered a husband and wife agreement and prayed and thought about it. We signed on Christmas Day 2004. We were connected with our literary agent whom we affectionately call Agent 003.

I eagerly called her to talk about my book plans. Her response to my outline was that it was at least five books. I confided in her that I would only be writing one book in my life, that this was it, so obviously this one had to hold all my ideas of womanhood. It was probably good we were talking on the phone, 003 wouldn’t have to hide her smile. Wisdom and patience rooted her response “We’ll see," was all she said.

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