Friday, February 23, 2007

Writing as a vocation

This last August 2006, marks the two year anniversary of my joining the writing world, a vocation that is alternately humdrum and exhilarating, involving sitting up until late afternoons without changing out of sweats and rubber-banded hair all for the joy of finally pouncing on the right word. By then the sun is setting and a loquacious Dale will join me for dinner (anyone who says women are the chatty ones need to see the Finchers at dinner!)

Condensing my ideas was very hard. It took a full year to get my unwieldy, five-books-for-the-price-of-one trimmed down to one main idea. The amputations hurt. I kept hearing my agent 003's voice in my head.

“Think of the woman home with three kids, will she get this?”

“What’s the general theme of your book? Can you state it in one sentence?"

“Show, don’t tell.”

Finally, six months later, 003 approved my work. She took my manuscript under her wing, and introduced it to the publishing world as She’s Got Soul. I waited, wondering if anyone wanted my thoughts.


Chris said...

I'm just impressed you can get your legendary hair in a rubber band!

...j/k ;b


Beth said...

You know, I remember this process as being much more fun then the way you describe it. Five books for the price of one... think how easy it will be to develop the next one!