Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tipping Toward the Trinity

I remember one sophomore English teacher nudging me out of my moderate worldview. "If you are a follower of Christ," she said, "You cannot be ultimately loyal to anything else." Her words still caution me from respectable, innocuous "churchy" ideas and the balancing acts of our Christianity.

We attend churches flanked by Christian and American flags, indicating an uneasy loyalty to church and state. We forget Caesar's meager claim, our worship and unmitigated allegiance was never Caesar's territory.

We eat and exercise so religiously that we have no regular experience with that unbalancing discipline of fasting. We excuse ourselves, complaining of headaches, weak-knees, and overall grumpiness, forgetting that fasting is supposed to tip us into the Maker of strong knees and clear heads.

We proudly point to a weekly Bible study or church membership to prove the depth of our commitment to Christ, as if . . .
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