Monday, March 26, 2007

How Christianity Gave Women a Soul

Last week Dale and I spoke in Tucson, AZ about apologetics, the woman's soul and Christian purpose in the academy. Perhaps my favorite event was the open forum at the University of Arizona where I addressed a group of 100 on "How Christianity Gave Women a Soul."

Universities provide a place for intellectual energy to nest and settle. It's different from a church or camp event where you don't want to overwhelm or bull-doze your audience with too much information.
At universities I get the feeling that the audience expects, even requires, the speaker to give all they've got. Don't hold anything back because they will question and doubt you with freedom that is both intimidating and invigorating. It motivated me to speak with clarity and gave me just enough nervous energy to keep praying.

What a thrill to be able to speak from the work of Ruby Slippers to a group of eager, intelligent students. I saw eye-brows go up as I said that Christ might be able to lighten the load of the curse on women and men. I saw women writing down notes when I talked about Mary at Jesus' feet. I closed with these words, "Some of your are looking into different religions. Let me suggest you look long and hard at Jesus of Nazareth, who thought women's souls were worthy of his life, death and resurrection, who found women could handle picking up their crosses and following him."

One pre-med female student came up afterwards and told me that she had never seen the significance in God choosing women as the first witnesses at the empty tomb. "And that God really wants to meet with me!" She walked out with eyes sparkling.

Many of them had questions for all three us of (Dale Fincher, my husband and co-founder with me of Soulation and Alison Thomas, apologist with RZIM joined me) during a Question and Answer session afterwards. Here are some of my favorites:

* What is it that makes women ontologically unique?
* What does it mean when Paul says the man is the head?
* How do you understand I Tim 2? (for our answer see here.)

This week Zondervan has chosen to spotlight a first-time author here. After events like Tucson, AZ and seeing Zondervan's support, I feel buoyed up with enough energy to tackle another week of writing, planning, e-mailing, reading. The work never stops, but it is good.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Jonalyn,

I received your book from one of my closest friends at NYU (you stayed with her wonderful parents while at the Tuscon conference).

I'm about halfway through Ruby Slippers; thank you for writing an intelligent, well-researched and Biblically-based on femininity.