Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Day the Ink Dried

Writing a book is like birthing a baby. The work ends in one sense, but new work begins. The ink is dry, the books are in stores and Amazon is finally shipping (today I noticed they only have 3 books left, but plan to stock up soon--oh good!).

Now I sit at my desk and wonder about some of the pages that never made final cut.

There were several sections I chose to cut out of Ruby Slippers. One was a series of short stories highlighting women from Scripture, ranging from Leah to Esther to Mary. I've saved them up for other opportunities.

One opportunity is coming up this Easter Sunday when Dale and I team up to speak.

I'll be dramatically reading a vignette I wrote. It's the story of Mary Magdalene's life and how one woman's testimony was key to Easter. My part will be integrated into Dale's message on hope. The event is hosted by our Little Church by the Sea, but it is for all of Laguna Beach. The city wide Community Sunrise Service (6:30 am or 9 am) might be a different way for you to approach Easter morning this year.

If you live locally, please consider coming. More details at our website here. Afterwards 100 copies of Ruby Slippers will be available.

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Anonymous said...

Jonalyn Grace Fincher
Excited. Honored. Chest pain. I know, I sound intense...
Looking forward to your work on Sunday. I will be dancing Mary's wonderwent at Jesus's Asencion at the N.C.C at 10:00 am. I am coming to part of your and Dale's presentation. Would like a chance to talk with you. The chest pain comment is partly true, you know the feeling when you resonate deeply with some one's work, because it is your work as well or at least very similar, and yet you are not fully there yet, so there is some discomfort...
I live here in Laguna. I have studied Spirituality and the Arts for 13 years. My work is as a story teller of the human experience and my path is to give people concrete information on how to connect, unfold and live their fullest life. The life integrated with spirit. I am currently editing a book I have been writing. I am also putting together a group of lovely souls, called the Laguna Story Tellers. So, perhaps you see my deep interest in your path. I am thankful you are successfully living your experience and sharing it. You can email me at
Thank you for your work.
Many blessings
See you Sunday
My children and I will come and say hello....