Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why Value Mothers?- Part I & II

Before Ruby Slippers was published, I remember how skeptical people were about my writing project. I'd hear things like, "Wow! You're writing about the woman's soul?" I'd see a doubtful glance at my youthfulness and then a slow smirk, "Good luck!" Some would tease, "Nice, small project!" The more outspoken gave unsolicited pointers, "Women are emotional, make sure you put that in your book." Others would counter my enthusiasm with, "I'd be very interested to see what you find." Some would just state that women are complicated and mysterious and change the subject.

Ruby Slippers is now out there, living, moving, and having its being. While the comments keep coming to my inbox, they've changed their tune. Recently a friend from seminary days now working as a church leader called. She told me that she was planning to buy her mother and mother-in-law a copy of Ruby Slippers for Mother's Day. I wanted to know why.

"It's got a great cover!" she said laughing. "But, really, your book is going to give both my moms a new perspective into their womanhood. For their generation this is not a very familiar topic. They haven’t thought a lot about what it means to be a woman. You've respected femininity here, giving it new life, breathing purpose, value and dignity into something that the church doesn’t know what to do with. You've helped women see they don't have to be smashed into one place. They can have full life, now. I just can’t wait to hear what they think, to talk with them after they read it."

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