Monday, August 20, 2007

Prayer Journal Day Five- Strength for Lati

Yesterday I got so much done and I never blamed or lashed out (which is a sure sign of my lack of peace). God gave me more serenity than I've had in a while. I wish I could just keep praying for so many of these things every single day. I wonder how that works, so many things I pray for are not recorded and so I don't see if or how God works.

Today I ask God for Lati who is one woman we support in Africa. She is going to be moving into her own house (her husband disowned her for her faith in Jesus the Messiah) this month, setting up the new boundary lines of her land, moving her children in with her, asking the current renters to leave and raising her own money to meet the rest of the loan. She needs strength to become a manager of her land, her home, her family. God be her shepherd through this.

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