Sunday, August 19, 2007

Prayer Journal Day Four- Serenity

Yesterday my sister got married so I didn't have the space or time to write. That was a glorious day, everything a wedding should be surrounded by community from 3 generations in the garden of our childhood home. We all cried aplenty. It was pleasant to be part of so many behind the scenes details. Besides the typical heat of August, it was perfect.

Today I want to pray from serenity in the many, many errands, meetings and work I need to do. Though it's Sunday it's also the only work day I have had for a few days. Soulation emails need to be answered, students need to be written and my own personal correspondence is falling very behind. Emailing tends to get me agitated and restless. For me, it takes a lot of focus to plow through them at a steady pace without working overly hard on some and then wanting to give up on others. God give me serenity (peace, tranquility, even-temperedness) as I work today.

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