Friday, August 17, 2007

Prayer Journal Day Three- Vision

Well, I have confirmation of what I prayed yesterday. My friend right after I wrote yesterday's blog called me and told me she was going to take a long hike. So I prayed for that hike to be full of quietness and thoughtfulness. Later I found out that the hike provided just that: quiet, solitude and thought.

Today I want to pray for a new friend who is in charge of an important apologetic organization. God give her vision in the next year's events. As she is young let her show herself an example of leadership and faith. I pray that this morning she would see clearly what you want to do with this organization and that this afternoon, during the important board meeting she would have courage and boldness to share what you have revealed to her. Give her tenderness toward you.

I need vision, too. God help me to see myself differently. Help me to be free from wanting to be needed or liked by others. Help me to relax into who I am, especially this day before my sister gets married. I want to keep serving others without having to maintain anything fake. Make me a relaxed person today, relaxed that God is crazy about me, no matter who betrays or deserts me. Today, may my confidence and strength flow from that. Show me your confidence that no matter how jolted only spills out quiet strength.

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