Thursday, August 16, 2007

Prayer Journal Day Two- Time of Rest

Yesterday I saw God at work. In several situations that should have sparked envy in me, I was at peace. I couldn't believe it. I could observe something I could not have, should have wanted and yet, was happy without it. Last night I felt more calm, relaxed and enjoyed my time with other women more than I could have done, had I just tried with sheer will-power. Here's a pic of what I did, a shot of my 2 sisters with me. All I can say, God was working in me.

Today, I want to ask God to give a good friend of mine a few hours of peaceful rest and contemplation. She has asked me to pray this for her. She wants to slow down, God help her to do that today. Help her to say, "No" to events that would clutter her day when she wants to be still, journal and think. I pray that you would give her two hours of quiet today.


Cara Nilsen said...

Great picture! It was great to talk, Jonalyn. Keep your creative fires burning:)

rxy25 said...

Thats a cute pic, Jonalyn.