Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ruby Slippers Blog Interview by Susy Flory

Christian author and speaker,Susy Flory's mission is "reflecting light into the culture's dark corners." She has written about the problems of Wicca and Goddess worship in Today's Christian Woman, "The Goddess Unmasked" and is currently working on a book entitled Unmasking the Goddess: What Every Woman Needs to Know about Goddess Spirituality.

Susy wrote me a few weeks back, enthusiastic about her discovery of Ruby Slippers and curious about the intersection of Goddess Worship and the Woman's Soul. Today (Dec 4th) she posted the first installment of her dialog with me. To read the entire post see her blog. Susy Flory writes:

Try on these ruby slippers!

"Christianity...endowed the human female with a soul." (Simone De Beauvoir, quoted in Ruby Slippers)

There's a buzz growing about a new book called Ruby Slippers: How the soul of a woman brings herRuby_slippers home. A blogger friend of mine recently voted Ruby Slippers the best nonfiction book of 2007. Why? The author, Jonalyn Fincher, fearlessly tackles the core question of what it means to be a woman, helping us to sort out the truth from the competing voices telling us that femininity is all about glass slippers, romances, modesty, submission, and babies. Yes...there is more! What does it really mean to be feminine? What are God's ideas about womanhood? What does it mean that Jesus redeemed women as well as men?

Although she's a busy writer and speaker, I recently caught up with Jonalyn for a few questions... Read more at Susy's Blog.

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