Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ruby Slippers at my door

Dale and I just moved. We took the plunge. We packed our boxes (well actually a wonderful moving company did) and drove 16 1/2 hours to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, three dogs and one very noisy cat in tow.

And now we're settling. In the dust and dirt, boxes and stuffing paper, tape and peanuts (I hate styrofoam peanuts, hate, hate, hate them) of unpacking, I found one welcome package on my front door.

Inside were my own pair of ruby slippers, all sequined up and glimmering in the sun. The note read, "Welcome Home." It was signed from the team at Zondervan.

Even though Steamboat is so far from so many I love, even though I can't seem to find my address book or any of my pots and pans, it is good, very good to be home.