Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Theology of Female Embodiment- One Month of Pregnancy (in five installments)- Two of Five

Written November 27th
(to read from the beginning scroll down to January 4)

I told Dale I was pregnant by designing a little card. I printed off a picture of a motor home and wrote in large, loopy script below, “We might be needing one of these in August.” We had brainstormed a motor home as the best way to keep traveling and raising a child. He opened it up at our lunch over crab cakes. He looked up befuddled and asked,

“You found out you’re pregnant??” And he was all questions, wonderings, interested amazement.

Two days later we went skiing with Jules and Rob, two adventure-seeking friends. I had already noticed an increase in my appetite. I wasn’t nauseous, just hungry and nothing looked as good as the tangerines, small, luscious, cold slices of heaven. I packed four for our skiing outing at Copper Mountain and shared one.

As we soared down the thin layer of late November snow, I thought how compact this baby was. Though there was another person with me as I wove lines in the snow, Rob and Jules never knew. I sat the last run out, feeling tired, more tired than normal, while they enjoyed one more round. I waited, basking in the sun with my ski boots strapped on my feet, warmed by the feeling of this buried secret inside me.

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