Friday, February 8, 2008

A Wonderful Organizer

After getting off the phone with my horse-loving, dog-training, enthusiastic, honest, lovely friend Jen I thought of what she said about my blog. It was annoying for her to have to read the story of pregnancy BACKWARDS. That's when I explained the archive feature (scroll down to Previous Blogs and click desired month and then the post you'd like to read).

Today I discovered another helpful tidbit for those of you who'd like to read stories in their proper order. An avid blogger, Amy Sondova, has organized and posted "A Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy and Loss" today with each of my pregnancy story installments easily clickable and IN ORDER. If you'd like to recommend or pass along this story, I suggest her posting for readability sake. Thank you, Amy for your work and kind words!

1 comment:

Amy said...

You're welcome. I was just thinking of my poor 60 year-old mother who wouldn't be able to figure it out. Then she would call me five times...and I would end up having to do it for her anyway.

You really are a lovely writer. :)

Oh, I'm Amy Sondova, not Sandova, but don't worry, everyone gets it wrong. :)