Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Tour- Part 1

Angela Breidenbach posted this interview titled "Ruby Slippers, A Chat, and a Spot of Tea" on her blog F.A.I.T.H. You might enjoy reading her thoughts on Ruby Slippers, below syndicated from her blog.

"I recently had a lot of fun getting to know author/apologist, Jonalyn Grace Fincher. Here's a little bit different interview to help you get to know her. I think it's perfect because curling up with her new book, Ruby Slippers: How the soul of a woman brings her home
(from Zondervan), and a cup of tea is the perfect way to honor your femininity. And that is what her book explores.

I like her writing style. Jonalyn uses great analogies and real life examples to show the differences in our male/female responses as well as our cultural issues. I loved the story of the redeemed wedding dress!

Here's one question that really made me pause: Do you think you will interact with God in heaven as a woman or as an androgynous soul?

Eeerk. Really made me think." (To read the rest, which mostly covers a conversation about tea, visit F.A.I.T.H.)

How would you answer this question?


Myowne said...

I believe that I will interact with God as He made me to be - a woman, feminine and intimately connected to Him as the all Breasted-One. Our distinctive qualities as men and women will be more appropriately embraced by the God that made us, I think. HE knows exactly what He intended when He decided to form male and female. I also do not believe we lose those distinctions when we are in His Presence.

Angela Breidenbach said...

You know, since there isn't marriage in heaven and we don't take our bodies with us, only our souls, maybe. I wouldn't assume to know the creativity of God outside of heaven, but...maybe. I think I'd be okay with it. My soul is still me.

PS I promise a more in depth review of Ruby Slippers on my own blog tomorrow :-)

dramaturge said...

Actually, we will receive our perfect and sanctified bodies in the resurrection in which to inhabit the New Heaven and Earth. (Heaven, as we think of it now, is not our final abode.) Adam and Eve were created male and female as eternal beings. In the instances of people appearing after death (Samuel, Elijah, Moses), they are recognizable and in those cases still male. So I would say that we retain our identity as male and female in the afterlife. After all, male and female is more than merely about our body.

Lindsey said...

I am looking forward to someday interacting with God in all the fullness & purified glory of the woman He created me to be. After all, that's part of what your ministry is about, right? Helping us to become more fully human, male and female, as He created us. And where else but in heaven can we completely realize that?

To finally understand what it REALLY means to be a woman - uncluttered by generations of sin and misunderstanding and perversions - well, that's one more thing to anticipate about Life on the other side, I think. :-)

Thanks for sharing this question - it's definitely worth some additional pondering.

Jonalyn Fincher said...


I'm looking forward to this, too.

However, we actually will not be interacting with our full humanity in heaven mainly because we won't have our new bodies, yet.

We will have our new bodies once God remakes the earth and we come back to live here (see Rev 21:1-4).

I think this questions pushes us to ask if we're masculine or feminine at the soul level because our "brief" respite in heaven is the only time we interact with God without out bodies.

For me, I feel our bodies are an essential part of being human and I think we will feel somewhat "naked" as Paul says, without them (for more see 1 Cor 5:1-5).

Thank you for commenting, I love how you talked about LIFE on the the others side. I think I'm most excited about this new earth business, this walking and eating and talking with Jesus with my new female body! :)