Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helping other Women- Ruby Slippers Review

I picked up a Starbucks cup that had this pithy, gutsy little quote from Madeleine K. Albright (Former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the U.N.)

The Way I See It #287

"There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Have you ever felt like this? I have.

I want to share with you a woman who has helped me and who has reminded me of the two women who gave me a leg up (my editor and agent--you know who you are!). Thank you for helping another woman!

This, syndicated from Chaos-Jamie, the blog of Jamie Driggers.

"Oh, man. I started this book and thought, "My, my it's my long lost twin. Her heart is (or was) just as dark as mine is!" (She uses the word "eyes" but I think we mean the same thing.) The whole judgy woman admitting that we are always comparing ourselves to every other woman in the room. (Did I just type that?) Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally. And after we've sized the other woman up, turn the criticism upon ourselves.

This is why I hate to pool. If I'm not envying someone else's abs, I'm envying their parenting skills.

ANY-way I found myself thinking I needed to buy this book for every woman I know. If there are two of us willing to admit to these problems and a publisher willing to print the problems right out there in black and white, it can't just be ME.

As an aside: There were a couple sections in the middle where she almost lost me with the gender equality stuff, but by the end I could see where she was going. Should you pick up the book, hear her out. You might not agree with every word, but the premise is sound. I'm not even sure I don't agree with her, but I've been shoving my self and my thoughts into a certain box (or corset) for so long it might take a while for my thoughts to settle enough to say whether I am fully in her boat.

HOWEVER, there are also gorgeous chapters about finding and feeding our feminine soul, whether or not that soul is quiet and gentle--(once you get past the psycho-babble of why our feminine soul needs finding and feeding...and I use the term psycho-babble in its most loving sense. It's like Bringing Up Boys. I know I need to let my boys be boys...quit telling me why and tell me how! Many, many people need to know why before they can understand how. I know I have a problem. FIX ME!)--and as most of you know, quiet and gentle are words that decidedly do NOT fit me.

And oh, does she end it well."

Jamie's review makes me glad I've chosen this woman against woman problem for book number TWO, Walking in Her Shoes, which is all about women's dark eyes/hearts for other women and how to overcome prejudice with friendship. Walking in Her Shoes is out looking for a publisher this fall!


catherine Illian said...

hope you had a good road trip... can't wait to see which publisher picks up your book..

himmiefan said...

Hi Jonalyn. I really enjoyed Ruby Slippers. Good job! Now, are you doing anything to promote the book? As you probably know, publishers usually don't do a lot to promote the books; it's kind of up to the author. The Barnes and Nobles and Borders in my area of Nashville don't carry your book, but they do have the latest "woman must be subject to man" book. I just hate to see a good book like yours go unsold.

Jonalyn Fincher said...

Thank you for wanting to get the word out there.
I'm marketing through my blog, sending my book to prominent bloggers, writing articles, touring the country and speaking, seeking radio interviews, sharing my book on the road with my non-profit (www.soulation.org) but all this and nothing can compare to someone like you asking your local bookstore to carry my book.

You have that power as the buyer in a way I do not.

Glad you see the need and want to share Ruby Slippers with others, any suggestions I'd be open to! You can email me: jonalyn@soulation.org

himmiefan said...

Hi Jonalyn. I'll definitely ask the bookstores near me to carry it.

Tasha said...

I am recommending your book to everyone I can. My mom has started reading it and loves it, she can't put it down. We both look forward to your next book.