Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Body, New Blog Location

I did something a bit unusual tonight; I stepped on our scale.

The scale was dusty and difficult to lug out without spilling the dog's bowl of water. After wiping it down with Simple Green, I stepped on top. It read 162 lbs. I almost gasped, that's almost 50 lbs more than I weighed this summer.

Then, I recalled something, someone else gained 50 lbs in her first pregnancy.

My very tall, very dignified, very lovely grandmother gained 50 lbs with her first child. She was only 17 years old, and when the baby was born she wanted to name her firstborn after her husband, John. Since the baby was a girl, she made up the name Jonalyn. I'm named after them both.

This all delights me, even more so as my grandmother (still) brags about her measurements in her younger years.

"I was 38, 24, 36," she'll say. And yet she gained 50 lbs in her pregnancy. She still cuts a lovely figure. In a few more weeks, I'd say, I'll be able to boast the same amount of poundage gained.

I told Dale the new updated weight number this evening and he kind of looked at my body suspiciously like, "Where exactly is it?"

He told me last week that he woke up in the wee hours of the morning, rolled over and saw my body's profile from the back. He thought for about 10 seconds, "Holy cow! I just dreamed that Jonalyn was pregnant, what a realistic dream!"

But this large butterball in front keeps reminding me that Birdie is coming soon and very soon. Tomorrow I enter the 36th week and I'm frankly dazzled by how well my body is doing. If it needs some extra pounds to do so well, then I'm not going to worry or scrimp on all the fruit and yogurt and milk and avocados I'm eating!

Carrying extra weight in such a concentrated area means it is getting much harder to move, today's snowshoe hike was more discipline than sheer pleasure. Notice my unusual back-bending pose here on our snowshoe this morning. It was to balance my weight AND keep out of the sun. Dale was blocking it's rays for me. Also please notice Dale's hat, which I newly knitted for him last Sabbath. I started another one this evening, in miniature for Birdie.

I hardly ever forget I'm pregnant anymore, except sometimes when I'm sleeping on my side and my belly is fully supported by the mattress and I wake up in the middle of the night. The thought lasts less than a second.

For the last few days, Zondervan (our publisher) sent out their audio produce, Brad Hill, a fun-loving hard worker who has become our friend, to record the audio version of our new book. As of last night at 5pm Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk is completely recorded. It should be available in audio version about the same time the book comes out (May 2010).

To celebrate finishing, Brad took us to our favorite restaurant. I got all dressed up (as much as my pregnant clothes allowed) and even whipped out a favorite silver bracelet. It got stuck halfway around my hand. "AAAAAH!" I yelled to Dale. "My hands are bigger!" It was easier to jam it on than take it off, but I had a heck of a time getting it off.

This new body of mine is still working well, I can still enjoy food without heartburn and walk on long snowshoe hikes and even do my prenatal yoga. So, no I am not complaining, nor do I want the baby out of his little cocoon. I'm still enjoying this process and amazed at how fast he's growing. But there are some non-ideal things about being pregnant, too. A few things that I miss about pre-pregnant life
  • laying on my tummy
  • wearing silver bracelets without bruising my hands
  • running
  • jumping up and down at a moment's notice without having to strategize
  • tying my shoes in a snap
  • clear nasal passages
  • sleeping through the night without 2 am treks down our ladder to the little princess room
  • hugging Dale close
But I do not miss the wondering if I will every be a mother. These last 8 months have been like waiting and wondering about when and what it will be like to have our son coming to live at our house.

In other news, this blog, that I've come to love and enjoy so much is going to be MOVING. I'm integrating everything here into our Soulation site. In a few weeks, I'll be deleting this blog. You can view my blog in it's new format right now, but I won't formally move until February 1st, only four days away. Please do NOT comment on this new blog site until Feb 1st. Before my move I will transfer ALL comments from this blog ( , so feel free to comment here until then.

If you'd like to subscribe to this new location you will have to re-subscribe (see the top right column of my new blog and choose either posts or comments or both).

Benefits of moving:
  1. You will be able to search all my blog's content by keywords- Go to my new blog site and try to search by a word, such as "pregnancy", and see what I mean!
  2. In one month I'll have a new comment engine that will allow you see all the recent comments on the front page and therefore more easily join the discussion
  3. A new fresh look that ties into all our Soulation resources.
  4. In a month, quick access to Dale's blog and a new blog we'll be running together called "Hurdles of Faith" where you can share and read about how other people struggle in their love for Jesus.
I look forward to seeing you at my new blog site. Until then, all 162 lbs of me is delighted to wish you a very good night!


Paula said...

I don't always get to read your blogs, but I got to read this one! I remember being in my office with a colleague. She dropped a pencil and when she bent to pick it up, I thought, "Oh, she makes that look so easy!" So glad you're mostly loving it! And better is coming!

drafted.rough said...

I've never been pregnant, but does the math here indicate that you're having a 50 pound baby? :0)

Jonalyn Fincher said...

Drafted. Rough

I'm estimating the baby is 40 lbs, you know gotta leave some weight for the placenta and water.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't think it was possible to be jealous of a pregnant woman's body, but since the only time in my whole life when I didn't have a tire around my middle was when I was anorexic... (mind you, not when I was exercising and eating healthy but only when I went off the deep end) you *really* sound rockin' to me! Some women just carry well! And some of us non-preggos don't. It sounds like birdie has a good home in there. :)

I'll look forward to book and baby countdowns.